The Polish TVN-backed DTH platform nc+ ended 2014 with 2.15 million post-paid subscribers, a total unchanged on the one three months earlier.

Its ARPU increased by 4% in the year to PLN68.3 (€16.4) and full-year revenues amounted to PLN2,148 million.

The full-year EBITDA was PLN295 million, with TVN’s share of nc+ profits amounting to PLN17.5 million.

TVN, which is in the process of finding a buyer, ended 2014 on a strong note financially.

Its net result of PLN189 million for the full year predominately reflected improved EBITDA and significantly lower financial expenses.

Looking forward to this year, Markus Tellenbach, the company’s CEO, said: “2015 is expected to deliver further improvements across all business metrics. The economy should continue accelerating and we envisage this translating into the television advertising market. TVN’s leadership position will benefit us with revenue growth expected to exceed the market and profitability to gradually improve further – in line with our medium term outlook.”