Andalucía TV returns to satellite

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 09 February 2015

After complaints from viewers from outside Andalusia, regional public broadcaster Canal Sur will once again distribute its international channel, Andalucía TV, via satellite, thanks to an agreement with Canal+ and satellite operators Astra and Hispasat.

The network halted the service on 1 January 2015 in order to find other distribution methods and help reduce expenses. Now, international distribution is returning, along with regional satellite distribution for the regular channels, in order to deliver the channel outside the DTT umbrella.

Andalucía TV will start broadcasting this week across Europe and Northern Africa. By outsourcing the operations of the international channel through Canal+, Canal Sur said it now can afford the expense and apologised to audiences.

The commercial agreement with Canal+ will last for a year. According to Canal Sur, the deal will be paid with a Canal+ advertising campaign through Andalusian regional channels and a package of audiovisual rights for an amount similar to the cost of distributing the channel through Astra satellites.

The channel has also increased distribution on pay-TV platforms inside Spain, launching on Movistar TV, ONO and the northern Spanish cable operator Telecable. Telefónica's cable platform and ONO are also broadcasting the network's original channel Canal Sur TV through their regional feeds solely for Andalusia, while the international feed is to be distributed through the entire territory.

Since the international channel was taken off air on 31 December, the signal has been distributed through the network's streaming platform on