TVE workers denounce 'parallel' news office

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 10 February 2015

While TVE's management has said it's reinforcing the news team in order to face a complicated electoral year - with five different elections coming up across the country - many workers have voiced their disagreement with the decision, saying it creates a parallel news office which increases the political control of the public network.

According to the public broadcaster, 11 journalists have been hired for a specific period to strengthen the news team in a year full of political activity. However, the decision comes after four years of staff reductions driven by the need to save money and this is one of the reasons why many workers don't understood the move.

But what has angered the workers most is the political and ideological line of the new workers, as all are from recognised conservative media groups, such as Intereconomía channel.

Last month, the news council used terms such as 'witch hunt' and 'purge' to describe staff dismissals which have been going on in recent months. "Lately we have seen the professional marginalisation of recognised and great journalists," said the council in a public announcement.