Telefónica taps Verimatrix to protect IPTV, multiscreen services

DetailsEditor | 11 February 2015

Global telco Telefónica has made a strategic deployment of the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS) for IPTV to provide enhanced revenue security for its Movistar TV service.

Part of the Fusión service, claimed to feature the most complete and varied telecommunications services and television content offering in Spain, Movistar TV currently has two million subscribers in Spain alone.

VCAS for IPTV already sees use ensuring revenue security for Movistar premium channels but now it will be scaled to protect the entire offering over multiscreen platforms. Verimatrix assures that its technology will secure delivery of linear TV and on-demand video services over Telefónica's managed IP-based network, and offer an upgrade platform for Telefónica to extend its competitive advantage.

VCAS for IPTV has been integrated into Telefónica's diverse set-top box (STB) and smart TV offering, featuring models by ADB, Arras, Zyxel, and Samsung, and will also be compatible with legacy STBs, smart TVs and future STBs, as well as integrated within Telefónica's existing back office systems. The latter project has been lead by Alcatel Lucent.

"Verimatrix is widely regarded as the leader in revenue security," commented Roberto Campo, director of the service development residential segment at Telefónica. "The company's reputation for excellence and innovation were top of mind when it came time to choose a reliable revenue protection solution for our Movistar service offering. We anticipate many advantages and cost efficiencies as a result of deploying VCAS for IPTV as it affords us the flexibility to use one solution for both legacy and future STBs, as well as the ability to deploy multiple DRMs under a unified security headend."