Internet TV provider Zattoo will pull out of the French market in Q1 2015.

The reason for the decision was the expiration of several licence contracts, the company said in a statement. Zattoo launched in France more than six years ago and has only been available as a subscription-based HiQ service. The usage figures were in the low four-digit area, according to the company.

The Zattoo team which has grown to 60 employees will not be affected by the move. Zattoo wants to maintain its presence in other international markets without change.

In the past years, Zattoo has focused its activities on its core markets Switzerland and Germany, CEO Nick Brambring said in Zurich. “We have thereby managed to strongly grow and develop Zattoo into a profitable company. Considering the still large growth potential in the German-speaking territories, we will maintain this course. At the same time, we take a very close look at the developments in other countries to start local activities at the right time.”

Zattoo also wants to further pursue its international expansion in the B2B area. The company has been operating the TV platforms of cable companies and IPTV providers for three years with customers including Telecom Liechtenstein, Post Luxembourg and Melita (Malta).