ISE 2015: Haivision unveils cost-effective live video transport solution

DetailsEditor | 11 February 2015

With business efficiency the name of the game in live video transport, Haivision has unveiled at ISE what it claims is a cheaper and more effective alternative to satellite or MPLS networks.

The Haivision Media Gateway is marketed under the tagline of 'more content, less cost' and is designed to allow broadcasters to aggregate and replicate live, HD streams concurrently to and from remote locations, over any network and most importantly securely. Users can convert streams to and from SRT Haivision's secure reliable transport technology and standard MPEG Transport Stream (TS), TS for video distribution within a LAN and transport over WAN.

It aggregates streams from multiple facilities to one central location for live backhaul and broadcast monitoring and replicates a live stream from a central location and distributes it to multiple facilities over public and private networks. Broadcasters can harvest live video content from multiple remote production venues, aggregating SRT streams and re-distributing the streams as TS within a central production venue.

"Today's world is driven by collaboration, communication, and in broadcast, the quest for more content at less cost," said Peter Maag, Haivision's CMO. "The Haivision Media Gateway brings together remote audiences and video operations with all of the quality of dedicated circuits at a fraction of the cost."