Amino reveals first customer for TimeShift pause live TV solution

DetailsEditor | 11 February 2015

An unnamed 'major operator' in the Netherlands has become the first company to deploy the Amino TimeShift pause live TV (PLTV) solution.

TimeShift buffers video for up to one hour and has been specifically developed to enable middleware providers to offer 'pause on demand' or 'instant rewind' functionality, depending on operator requirements. It is also built for write intensive applications - such as instant rewind - where reliability and extended lifetime are critical, enabling IPTV operators to offer PLTV without the need for a hard disk drive-enabled set-top box (STB). Amino regards it as particularly relevant for high latency networks where network-based PLTV would be problematic.

The solution combines 8GB of flash storage from SanDisk with Amino's Aminet IPTV software. Available in a small USB flash drive interface, the PLTV solution can be deployed as a plug and play upgrade with the flash drive slotting into the USB slot on the STB enabling consumers to instantly pause, rewind and resume live TV.

The operator will offer the solution to its customer base throughout the Netherlands, where the company provides IPTV services across fibre and copper networks. The local PLTV recording solution has been optimised to deliver what Amino claims will be a 'highly responsive and seamless' consumer experience irrespective of network type.

"We are constantly looking for ways to increase the performance and practicality of our set-top boxes," commented Amino's CEO Donald McGarva. "The new Amino TimeShift offers a smart, local storage solution that enables operators to deliver the same quality to time-shifted viewing that was once only possible with live TV watching," added Oded Sagee, senior director and general manager of connected and computing solutions at SanDisk.