Boomerang flies in as best CoPro Series at Berlinale

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 12 February 2015

Currently preparing to air on Spain's free-to-air (FTA) channel laSexta, Boomerang TV's Hierro has been selected as the best project presented at the CoPro Series event during the Berlinale film festival.

Hierro, prepared by the group's Galician subsidiary Portocabo, has therefore been chosen to participate in the next edition of Series Mania, a major European series festival to be held in Paris in April. According to Boomerang, the Portocabo drama has aroused great interest from leading international companies looking to participate in the co-production.

In addition to Hierro, another four international projects were presented at CoPro Series 2015, including Behind the Moon at that Time, from Anat Assoulin Productions (Israel); the German-US co-production The White Rhino Hotel, from Belladonna Productions; Valkyrien, from Tordenfilm (Norway); and Babylon Berlin, from X Filme Creative Pool (Germany).

Hierro takes its name from the most remote island in the Canary Islands, in which the series is set. There, the corpse of a young islander is found floating at sea following an earthquake. Its appearance marks the starting point for a tense political drama that revolves around a false suspect and an inexperienced judge.

With this production, Boomerang TV's fiction team continues to consolidate its international presence, which has seen series such as The Time In Between and Old Bridge Secret sold internationally