Streaming steaming on in Nordic countries

DetailsJoseph O'Halloran | 13 February 2015

Traditional linear TV is constantly losing ground to online video on-demand (VOD) services according to the latest Arkena Nordic Video Index report.

nordic streamingThe report is based on a survey conducted with over 4,000 people from the Nordic countries which over the last few years have seen the hugely disruptive effect of the arrival of the likes of Netflix and HBO Nordic. Indeed the data shows that cord-cutting is continuing, with one in ten Nordic households stating that they will terminate their cable or satellite subscription in favour of online TV services within the coming year.

A growing number of Nordic households are using VOD services as a complement to their linear TV selection, and they're willing to pay for it. The average household spends 19 a month on premium VOD subscriptions. The report also reveals that the computer is still by far the most used screen when it comes to watching streamed video content. With just under half (45%) of respondents using computers, followed by tablets (25%) and smartphones (13%). The percentage of people that predominantly use the computer has gone down, compared with last year's report.

"The possibility to watch whatever you want, whenever you want and on what screen you want are the biggest attractions of the online TV services," commented Arkena commercial lead and marketing manager Jesper Arenhill.

"In that context, linear television seems stiff and uninviting, especially to a younger generation. It's simply not part of their video consumption behaviour and that mindset is beginning to spread. The process is driven on by the streaming companies' large investments in high quality TV series."