Owners of TNTSat receivers in France found a number of functions disabled after the latest software update, which was uploaded automatically.

According to the French website Tele-Satellite, people are no longer able to record any programmes on an external hard disk, as the USB port was disabled. People are also no longer able to watch Youtube videos on their receiver.

The software update was sent on January 19, and has since led to a barrage of complaints from viewers. The receivers involved are Strong, Thomson, Sedea and Humax. According to the site, some problems have been resolved, but users of the TNTSat Humax TN5050HD are still not able to use all functions of the receiver.

Humax France has confirmed the software limitations and said this was due to demands of Canal+, who operates the TNTSat service.

TNTSat is the ‘free-to-view’ satellite DTH service on Astra of the Canal+ group. It offers the complete bouquet of terrestrial channels in the TNT digital terrestrial network to those people who do not have sufficient coverage. People need to buy a TNTSat receiver and a dedicated smart card, which is to be renewed every four years at cost price (currently EUR14).