Grudge Match plots Hispanic-focused Liga de Rivales

DetailsGabriel Miramar-Garcia | 13 February 2015

Grudge Match Sports will be launching Liga de Rivales (League of Rivals), a Spanish-language eSport, which will include a mobile game, streaming platform and television shows.

Liga de Rivales will complement the recently announced Grudge Match. Both Grudge Match and Liga de Rivales games will launch this summer. It allows two people who have a dispute with each other to settle their differences in a three-to-four-minute mobile game, and their game play will be streamed live. Players will be able to create personas or be themselves, dress their game players in heroic or outrageous costumes, pick their weapons and/or abilities, select one of the stylised play arenas, and head off to settle their dispute electronically.

If players do not have a dispute or disagreement with anyone, the Liga de Rivales game -- which will troll social media – will instantly match them with someone with whom they disagree. A Rules Committee – officiated by players and Grudge Match Sports -- will govern the core game.

"Hispanics and their entrepreneurial spirit are transforming the gaming community. We believe that Hispanic audiences -- and their growing engagement in gaming -- can help us set the standard for Grudge Match Sports' Liga de Rivales," said Rich Melcombe, CEO of Grudge Match Sports.

Nielsen, Experian Marketing and Think Now Research have reported that, on average, Hispanics spend more time playing games per week than do non-Hispanics. An analysis of data generated by Nielsen, ESPN, Riot Games, SuperData and Think Now Research shows that Hispanic gamers closely match the same demographic breakdown of eSport enthusiasts globally, and that Hispanic males 18-34 play the most overall.

"The research tells a compelling story for anyone interested in reaching the pulse of the Hispanic demographic," said Melcombe. "With over 30 years in entertainment and 18 years in the Spanish-language media space, producing television shows for Univision and Telemundo, and consulting on media strategies, we understand the value of the Hispanic audience."