Multiscreen is not only for millennials in Spain

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 16 February 2015

The fact that nine out of ten Spanish youngsters use their smartphones while watching TV may not be surprising, but the latest Zenith report also points out that the multiscreen phenomenon is growing beyond its previous age barriers.

The research, presented by Zenith at the Aedemo Television summit held in Seville, shows that over half of Spanish people are using more than one device while watching TV. 59% of people between 35-44, 45% between 45-54 and even one out of four over-55s are using other screens in front of their TVs.

"The multiscreen trend is unstoppable, we are hyper-connected to different devices and screens and, even though TV is still the main device in our living rooms, our consumption habits have changed forever," explained Mapi Merchante, research director at Zenith.

Millennials are leading the trend in Spain, but it doesn't seem to be only about them anymore. "There is not a young people trend anymore, we are talking about 25% of people over 55 years old living in a multiscreen environment," added Merche Moreno, director of acquisitions for TV at the media agency.

Smartphones are still the leading device, with 37% of Spanish people using one in front of the TV, followed by computers (17%) and tablets (14%). And instant messaging and social networks seem to be the main second-screen activities.