A fire on one of the main bridges over the river Vistula in Warsaw has caused disruption to some TV services in Poland.

According to Satkurier, the fire, which started on the afternoon of February 14, affected fibre-optic cables on the bridge used to carry both TV and broadband services to other parts of the country.

As a result, the channels operated by the ZPR Group, namely Fokus TV, Fokus TV HD, Eska TV, Polo TV and Vox Music TV, were unavailable to viewers for a few hours.

Meanwhile, the satellite channels Sportklub, Fightklub, AXN, AXN HD, AXN Black, AXN White and AXN Spin HD were unavailable to viewers until Sunday, February 15.

Most of these channels were gradually reintroduced into the DTH services Cyfrowy Polsat and nc+.

However, problems were being reported with the reception of Disnry XD, Planete + HD, BBC Brit, TVR, Polsat and Polsat Sport as of February 15.

At the same time, broadband difficulties were being experienced by UPC and Orange subscribers, though in the case of UPC they were just outside Warsaw rather than in the city itself.