For the first time, VOD and EST business exceeded that sale and rental of physical media (DVD and Blu-ray) in Belgium during 2014.

According to figures published by the Belgian Entertainment Association (BEA), based on research by GfK, electronic sales and rentals (all forms of VOD) have reached 130 million, an increase of over 16% compared to 2013.

During the year, DVD sales fell 21% to 95.7 million. Blu-ray never really caught on, during the past year sales dropped nearly 15% to 19.7 million.

By volume, the Belgians bought 7.62 million of DVDs (down 24%) and 1.28 million of Blu-Ray (down 10.4%). Despite the growth of VOD and ESTm the total video market is slowly contracting, going down 4.3% during 2013 to 245.4 million.