Globecast undergoes major reorganisation

DetailsEditor | 17 February 2015

Aiming to make the transition to a fully integrated media solutions provider, Globecast has announced that it has completed a company-wide reorganisation.

globecastThe company regards the shake-up as an 'important' milestone in the move from being purely an independent teleport operator and satellite services provider to delivering end-to-end solutions spearheaded by the Media Factories product.

With Media Factory, Globecast believes that it has rationalised existing workflows to create a single, efficient process. It says that with the product the company can handle everything from content preparation, formatting, quality control, to creative services and compliance review and editing, in addition to existing contribution, playout and distribution services.

"Globecast has expanded tremendously since its inception, and seen enormous success with its satellite and fibre services," explained CEO Olivier Barberot. "We have listened to our customers and closely examined the next phase of our development using their responses and our market expertise. The primary concern for our customers is how to generate new revenue opportunities from their existing content or channels or drive new channel launches it's all about the bottom line. This is something that we have always understood and we will keep providing customers with greater access to our expertise."