THIS TECHNOLOGY awarded DAI patent

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 17 February 2015

THIS TECHNOLOGY has been awarded US Patent No 8,949,882, covering key dynamic ad insertion (DAI) functionality.

The patent describes the method for identifying dynamic advertising inventory and defining attributes like ownership, length and interactivity, which are all critical requirements for targeted advertising delivery.

"THIS TECHNOLOGY's latest patent dates back to an application we made 2007, when the delivery of targeted and relevant ads to any device existed only as an idea on the back of napkins," said Jeffrey Sherwin, CEO of THIS TECHNOLOGY. "We were early to recognise MVPDs would ultimately require freedom and flexibility in their advertising architecture to effectively deliver DAI. This patent demonstrates our commitment to delivering technology that levels the DAI playing field for both Internet and video ad decisioning systems."

THIS TECHNOLOGY's Trajectory Dynamic Ad Insertion product uses the newly-secured patent to enable MVPDs and programmer use of DAI as a revenue driver. Without this method, MVPDs and programmers would not be able to identify inventory ownership, a necessary step when preparing to insert each of their dynamic advertisements into the same video stream.

To date, THIS TECHNOLOGY has secured eight patents. They span advertising inventory management between programmers and MVPDs, creation of MVPD data-driven audience definitions for programmers and delivery of scale in manifest manipulation. These patents support THIS TECHNOLOGY's product portfolio, which can be deployed in support of DAI across VOD, cDVR, TV Everywhere or linear, in QAM and IP environments.

"We are proud to deliver core technology that empowers our customers to advance content monetisation strategies without the technical hurdles and costs," said Sherwin. "Together, we will continue to innovate, redefining what is possible when it comes to cloud-based video solutions."