N1 TV taps Mobile Viewpoint for news uplinks

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 17 February 2015

Mobile Viewpoint has delivered 12 sets of 3G/4G uplink backpacks to N1 TV, equipping its three offices in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

N1 TV carries out live news reporting from all over the Balkans, and has selected Mobile Viewpoint after extensive field-testing. N1 TV also plans to expand its coverage in the near future into Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and other countries in the region.

With Mobile Viewpoint's IP MCR, the Videomanager platform, live feeds are switched and routed to N1 studio's or external designations.

"The deployment of our equipment across the N1 Balkan regions shows how the WMT enables cost-effective all IP newsgathering. In combination with MVP's Web-based IP MCR, N1 is able to share their WMT systems with other broadcasters and receive feeds from Brussels and other capitals around the world," said Michel Bais, managing director of Mobile Viewpoint.

Launched in 2014 with production centres in Belgrade, Sarajevo and Zagreb, N1 delivers live coverage on cable to a potential audience of over 20 million across the Adria region.