Solid growth for IPTV, satellite at Orange in 'very good' 2014

DetailsJoseph O'Halloran | 17 February 2015

After a rather flat previous 12 months, 2014 has proved to be a more reassuring year for European telco Orange.

orangetv2For the year ended 31 December, the company posted revenues of 39.445 billion and restated EBITDA of 12.190 billion. While these were down 2.5% and one percentage point respectively, they represented marked improvements on the comparable performance previously. In particular there was a revenue decline of 4.5% in 2013. Orange stressed that 69% of the decline in revenues was offset by a 2.5% reduction in operating costs (707 million), versus 48% in 2013. The results also revealed that over the past three years, Orange's cost basis has fallen by 1.729 billion.

Net income was 1.225 billion in 2014, down 908 million in relation to 2013, principally due to the impact of specific items unrelated to operating performance. Orange said that most of these items reflected a policy of proactive adaptation to prepare for the future. The Group's share of net income was 925 million in 2014.

High-speed fixed and mobile broadband services in Europe led Orange's commercial activity, especially in the fourth quarter of the year. The company ended the year with 16.014 million fixed broadband customers, up 3,5% year-on-year, of which 7.190 million were IPTV and satellite TV customers. This latter figure represented growth of 10.3%.