The Polish cable operator Vectra ended 2014 with 612,566 subscribers to its digital TV services.

This, according to data supplied to and published by Wirtualne Media, was almost 10% up on the 551,585 total posted a year earlier.

With analogue customers factored into the equation, Vectra’s TV subscriber at the end of 2014 stood at 841,854, up from the 816,925 a year earlier.

Meanwhile, Vectra’s fixed broadband subscriber total exceeded half a million for the first time, the end-2014 figure of 500,076 up from 448,848 a year earlier.

However, its mobile internet subscriber total fell from 28,307 to 23,599 over the same period.

At the same time, the take-up of telephony services increased from 163,920 to 182,348. In total, Vectra ended 2014 with 918,929 subscribers, up from 877,435 as of December 31, 2013.