HD+, the fee-based German DTH satellite platform carrying the HD versions of commercial free-to-air TV channels on Astra (19.2 degrees East), has accelerated its customer growth.

In Q4 2014, 60,309 new paying customers were gained more than in the previous quarters (Q3 2014: 51,062 new customers, Q2 2014: 47,089 new customers).

In total, HD+ had more than 1.65 million paying customers at the end of 2014 an increase by 17% within one year (31.12.2013: 1.41 million customers).

This means that 16.5% of the total of 10 million HD satellite households in Germany have opted for fee-based HD+ access.

Further 1.4 million households are in the free-of-charge trial period. HD+, thus, reaches a total of 3 million households for the first time.

The encrypted platform currently contains 20 commercial HD channels. Sat.1 Gold was the latest addition on January 1, 2015.