CNN has applied for a broadcasting licence in Russia just a month after quitting the country.

Citing a spokesman from Roskomnadzor, Interfax reports that the application is for a universal licence for CNN International in Russian and that although the regulator has 30 days to process it a decision will be probably reached sooner.

CNN opened its office in Russia in 1983 and began broadcasting in the country in the early 1990s. However, in recent years the service was only available on cable and DTH networks. Last November Time Warner told local operators it would stop broadcasting CNN at the beginning of this year.

Interfax says that representatives of CNN and Roskomnadzor met in January 27 to discuss the resumption of broadcasts in Russia, as well as the licensing of other Turner Broadcasting channels.

Russia introduced controversial legislation at the beginning of this year prohibiting commercials on cable and satellite delivered services.

However, it has since been scaled back to exclude services with a minimum of 75% Russian content.