9XM fuses music, comedy and cricket during ICC World Cup

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 19 February 2015

Hindi music and comedy channel 9XM has added a number of cricket-themed shows to its line up to coincide with ICC World Cup fever.

A World Cup special live action animation show called FullToss Bakwaas features the characters Bade and Chote with stand-up comics playing different characters inspired by cricketers or their fans.

"We at 9XM believe in providing our viewers with music that is well curated and humour that is current and topical. With the whole nation obsessed/fixated on cricket, we wanted our viewers to have the cricket experience, but with the 9XM flavour. Hence the channel will also flaunt packaging that is cricket centric and elements that represent the game," said Amar Tidke, chief programming officer, 9X Media.

"We have 9xm Toss-Up, where a coin toss decides the next song from the super-hit playlist and Full Toss Bakwaas our unique offering which integrates our popular characters with the game. We have also repackaged our popular countdown show Top 9 as the 9XM Top 11 World Cup special featuring cricketing themes and songs to match. Just like we love our movies, we love this game, and this is our bit to support our team India!"

Mumbai-based 9XM will promote its ICC Cricket World Cup programming line-up through a series of digital media initiatives.