Intelsat is facing ongoing headwinds that must be counterbalanced before the satellite operator returns to growth.

Intelsat Chairman and CEO, Dave McGlade said the Luxembourg-domiciled company was dealing with the combination of pricing pressures, reduced US government spending and rising geopolitical challenges that had been compounded by services nearing the end of their lifecycle.

“The path forward for us is clear: design, build and place into service new satellite capacity; introduce services that leverage our ground network and networking capabilities; and develop advanced ground technologies and other innovations that will simplify access to our satellites. Through these initiatives, combined with supporting the growth of our core customers and optimising the use of our orbital rights,” said McGlade.

Intelsat has reported fourth quarter revenues of $619.1 million (€541.43m), a fall of 4% on 2013; and full year 2014 revenue of $2,472.4 million.