Ericsson is launching a new analytics suite that crunches the data to allow operators to move bandwidth to the customers who need it.

The Ericsson Expert Analytics 15.0 will make its debut at Mobile World Congress 2015. Graham Cobb, Director, Solutions Marketing at Ericsson, said the system was based on an algorithm that had been tested in the lab and through live pilots.

“We’re not just looking at the customer experience, but how many minutes it took from hitting the play button to seeing the video,” he said. Such a system could be deployed to make sure that in areas of difficult reception, bandwidth could be directed to a network’s most important customers. “These may be network facing customers, so if there’s a high value customer trying to access video in a high density area, give them the bandwidth.”

The same principle is being applied to optimise the world’s telecommunications networks.

Staffan Pehrson, vice president of network rollout, support and optimisation, explained how a collaboration with Facebook in Indonesia was able to improve the speed at which content was delivered by some 70%.

This had been achieved though radio optimisation in the uplink, fixing an issue with DNS server capacity and improving the configuration of the CDN used by Facebook in the region.

There are also improvements to the video experience, giving operators the tools to run sponsored data, so that an advertiser can offer a rich video experience without eating into a customer’s valuable data allowance.