Kannuu, Telstra reveal TV content discovery ROI

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 20 February 2015

Kannuu Pty says that results from a case study with Telstra show that pay-TV providers that invest in improving the search, discovery and recommendation functions of their services can expect to see a clear ROI from the resulting increase in paid content purchases.

Kannuu was launched over a year ago on Telstra's over-the-top (OTT) platform. After incorporating Kannuu's technology, over 30% of Telstra's customers began using the search function, with peak times seeing over 70% usage, the report showed.

Further analysis shows that nearly 20% of those engaged customers purchased media content and 17% of all title purchases overall resulted from Kannuu's discovery platform.

"We've experienced a noticeable improvement in customer interaction and satisfaction with the Kannuu technology on our OTT platform," said Eric Kearley, director of IPTV and pay-TV at Telstra. "Prior to the Kannuu discovery experience launch, an average of 10% of consumers used the search function.

The data also showed that for some of the "top 30" movies, more than 25% of the purchases resulted from discoveries on the Kannuu platform.

"As consumer demand for movies, TV shows and media content continues to grow exponentially, the discovery experience of finding relevant, personalised content of interest is paramount," said Kannuu CEO Todd Viegut. "Content providers globally have an enormous opportunity to increase revenue from purchased media content as data shows a direct correlation between the time it takes consumers to find what they're looking for and their purchase rates."