Poland’s leading alternative telco Netia saw its TV subscriber base grow by 14% in 2014, ending the year with 137,323.

However, the company changed the method of presenting its multiroom services in Q4, resulting in a decrease of total TV services by around 7,000 and a simultaneous decrease in ARPU in the quarter.

Furthermore, launching services on the former Aster cable network, parts of which the company acquired from UPC Polska, and developing TV services in streaming technology fully compensated for disconnections due to the planned downsizing of IPTV-based services.

Netia’s TV subscriber total in Q4 was equivalent to 35% of the broadband base and the company aims to increase TV sales this year to new customers, both over NGA and the former Aster networks.

Netia’s TV ARPU in Q4 amounted to PLN38 (€9.10), which was only just higher than the PLN37 both in Q3 and Q4 2013. The increase was put down to sales of relatively more expensive TV packages and an adjustment following the exclusion of multiroom services.

Netia’s revenues in 2014 amounted to PLN1,674 million, down 11% on the previous year’s total.

EBITDA was PLN581.4 million (+9%) and the net profit PLN174.8 million, up from PLN46.3 million in 2013.