Hello everyone.

I am sorry if my questions sound stupid, i am very fresh at this, i did search the forum for answers, but what i could not understand, i am posting here, so thank you in advance.

i have the Starsat 4000D with the following :

bootloader 0.9.6
maincode 1.3.2
CAS_data 1.0.0
defaultdv 1.0.0
mcu version 1.1.2
first use 27/03/2007
manufact. 142704
product XX3547

I read that in order to do autoupdate, i have to leave it for a while on FRANCE5, so I did, BUT it freezez after a short while, i restart it, same, the auto update is not working ?

second, i find a lot of codes for channels that i would like to have, but i tried entering them manually, i could not do SPACE i can only do numbers and letters,

Thank you.