MCB Network, European Television Guild expand international distribution partnership

DetailsEditor | 21 February 2015

MCB Network Corp's MiCasa Network and European Television Guild have expanded their global relationship to develop the International distribution and marketing of MCB Network channels to DTT, OTT, IPTV and mobile platforms.

MiCasaClaimed to be the premier provider of entertainment for the growing Hispanic Millennial community around the world, the MiCasa Television Network reaches nearly 60 million US viewers via its 43 over-the-air television channels and nine IPTV Channels. It has television channels in the top 20 Hispanic digital markets, including New York City, Miami, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Denver, Fresno, Houston, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Washington DC, among others.

MCB expects to continue developing a range of new video channels throughout 2015, as more countries open digital terrestrial television services. Both companies will also work together to offer the channels represented by the European Television Guild to a number of OTT and IPTV platforms like Roku, XboxLive and PlayStation.

"International television distribution is growing substantially with improved technology, which in turn provides a multitude of new outlets for both channels and content. The MCB channels will appeal to viewers in the global marketplace as they will be empathetically positioned for that purpose," commented Graham Pitman, CEO and director of the European Television Guild.

Added Sean M Malatesta, CEO of MCB/MiCasa Network: "European Television Guild is a leader in the international distribution of television programming. We're excited to work with them on a country-by-country basis. I expect to do big things together in 2015."