Nexidia releases video archive search for Avid integration

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 22 February 2015

Nexidia has released the Nexidia Dialogue Search v1.8, the company's phonetic-based search tool that includes integration with Avid Interplay Production.

It also said that Our Daily Bread Ministries was the first to install Nexidia Dialogue Search v1.8 for use with Interplay Production and other media storage systems.

"There are more than 2,000 Avid Interplay Production installations, so clearly Interplay is a favourite among media organisations. That's why it was important for us to integrate Dialogue Search with Interplay Production," said Drew Lanham, senior vice president and general manager for Nexidia’s Media and Entertainment Division. "This new integration represents a great addition to a growing list of Dialogue Search integrations with leading media asset management systems."

Dialogue Search v1.8 enables users to search all media managed by Interplay Production. Using the Interplay Production Web Services API, Dialogue Search discovers assets and associated metadata within Interplay Production and creates a phonetic index of this media. The user may then use Dialogue Search to search for any combination of words and phrases spoken within the media, independent of any metadata.

Our Daily Bread Ministries uses its Interplay Production system to manage tens of thousands of video assets and more than 100,000 audio assets. Dialogue Search's federated search capability lets Our Daily Bread Ministries extend the application's use beyond Interplay to all of the organization's A/V assets.

"As part of its mission to make Bible-based resources accessible to people all around the world, Our Daily Bread Ministries has generated a large inventory of audio and video content -- which continues to grow daily. We have a critical need for a system that could rapidly and accurately search and organize these media assets based on specific search criteria," said Bob Kornstadt, director of global media teams technical projects for Our Daily Bread Ministries.

"Dialogue Search is a powerful tool that has significantly increased the ease and speed of locating specific content. Dialogue Search v.1.8's integration into our Avid Interplay Production environment has taken our video asset management to a new level of simplicity and productivity."