Roundabout Entertainment invests in Tachyon Wormhole

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 22 February 2015

Wohler Technologies has announced that Roundabout Entertainment has invested in the Tachyon Wormhole automated file-based retiming and standards conversion solution, to increase the capacity of its retiming services.

Tachyon Wormhole allows content owners and broadcasters to meet customers' TV show length requirements. It performs a plus or minus runtime adjustment of programme content while preserving video and audio quality, and closed-caption integrity.

"Time is money, and every second counts," said Ross Millward, director of technical operations at Burbank, California-based post-production facility Roundabout. "Our goal is to help our customers monetise content by fitting their projects into tight time constraints while retaining both the quality and the creative intent. As a powerful file-based solution with top-notch image-processing algorithms, Tachyon Wormhole has allowed us to increase the amount of content we can process and significantly reduce the time our team spends on manual QC. Built on a 4K-capable video pipeline, this Wohler solution has not only helped us to increase our productivity, but also allowed us to move forward into 4K work."