Video, Internet drive Axtel's growth across Mexico

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 22 February 2015

With general growth figures pointing to a strengthening position in the Mexican telecom market, Axtel is increasing its activity thanks to services related to video and the Internet, according to the Q4 2014 results published by the company.

During the last quarter of the year, the telco had revenue of nearly $160 million, 3% more than 12 months before, reaching over $700 million between January and December.

According to the figures Internet and video services are becoming an important business for Axtel, while they were a residual sector not so long ago. In the last quarter, the telco's revenue in this sector was $24 million, 22% more than the $19 million invoiced a year ago. This digits drive the yearly incomes regarding video to $89 million, 28% month than in 2013.

Axtel, a second line telco in a Mexican market dominated by América Móvil, has 509,000 Internet subs and 94,000 customers are paying for TV, 35% more than by the end of 2013.

“The figures confirm the positive evolution of our operative results following the recapitalisation of January 2013,” pointed out Felipe Canales, executive director for finances at Axtel. “The company's perspectives have improved, we trust in the new environment promoted by the Reforma de Telecomunicaciones (reform of the telecoms regulation in Mexico) to catch new growing opportunities.”