Orange to drive 4G-based mobile TV across Spain

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 23 February 2015

By investing 400 million through to 2017, Orange is aiming to become the LTE leader in Spain, strengthening a 4G network which can support its mobile services including its recently launched TV everywhere platform.

orange4gThe French telco, which said it has already invested 1,100 million since it started deploying 4G mobile communications less than two years ago, will invest 400 million more over the three next years, 100 million of which will be spent in 2015.

This year Orange intends to take LTE to 85% of the Spanish population throughout 1,300 cities, including every town with over 10,000 inhabitants. Currently, its network covers 70% of the population and has 2.3 million subs.

Supported by an increasing network, Orange is also launching additional services aiming to strengthen its offer, such as 30GB LTE packages for homes with no access to broadband, fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) or the recently launched TV everywhere service.

From November 2014 Orange TV's TV everywhere, mobile and multiscreen platform has been available for subscribers of the company's convergent packages and is supported by Samsung and LG smart TVs, tablets, smartphones and computers.

Orange TV has been operating in Spain since 2006, but it has now for the first time exceeded the 100,000-subs barrier.