ARRIS fibre tech chosen to support Australian NBN

DetailsJoseph O'Halloran | 23 February 2015

The Australian national broadband network (NBN) has approached ARRIS for essential technology as it builds out its next-generation hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) broadband network.

NBN2A source of great pride and expectation, the NBN is designed to provide access to high-speed, reliable broadband services to homes and businesses across Australia. "NBN Co is committed to ensuring that everyone in Australia will have access to high speed broadband services. An HFC network represents the fastest and most cost-effective way to deliver it to consumers and businesses in the existing HFC network areas," explained NBN Co CTO, Dennis Steiger. "Our goal is to achieve high speed broadband as quickly possible, with an eye on future technologies that will secure our place as a global technology leader. Significant investments are being made in HFC broadband technology on a global scale, and we are committed to ensuring that Australia is at the forefront of this movement."

As part of its plans to realise this aim, ARRIS is supplying HFC technology that it says will allow NBN Co to build upon existing cable infrastructure resulting in what are claimed to be 'significant'cost savings for Australian tax-payers over alternative technologies. It also will allow advanced broadband speeds to be delivered to subscribers across Australia.

The ARRIS products and services are intended to allow NBN Co to enhance and manage its cable access network while providing a roadmap for possible future migration to DOCSIS 3.1 architecture. The initiative involves the ARRIS E6000 converged edge router (CER) along with a number of additional ARRIS product lines, including ARRIS access technologies and supplies (ATS) products such as CORWave forward path transmitters and OM4100 optical receivers, as well as assurance solutions for service assurance. Additionally, ARRIS's Global Services was selected for the full deployment and network integration, assisting NBN Co in managing and supporting its network and customers.

"[We are] honoured to be selected by NBN Co for this exciting project and whole-heartedly endorses the use of HFC technology to proliferate Broadband across Australia," added ARRIS president of network and cloud and global services Bruce McClelland. "The portfolio of products and services are at the heart of many broadband networks around the world, and we look forward to expanding our presence in the Asia Pacific region. We are delighted to be working with NBN Co at such an important stage in this initiative."