French private broadcaster TF1 will launch in early March a premium VOD platform dedicated to the cinema “afro”.

Content will range from Hollywood productions such as Twelve Years a Slave< , Ray,/em> the French movie Bande de filles, and Timbuktu, to those lesser-known productions from a number of African countries.

The initial offer of the service, which will be called Afrostream, will consist of around one hundred titles with movies, TV series and made-for-TV movies.

“There are will also be many African films including Nigerian Nollywood movies, as well as movies from Cameroon, Benin, Senegal,” said Tonje Bakang, Afrostream director, partner streaming platform of TF1.

The films will be available in French and and original versions with subtitles for a price between EUR3 and EUR5.

“There is a real link in the African diaspora, whether African American, African Caribbean and even in the themes. Having all these films on the same platform will allow viewers to discover a world he does not know.”