LG Uplus unveils B2B, disaster response LTE broadcasting service

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 25 February 2015

South Korea's LG Uplus has upgraded its LTE-provided high definition (HD) broadcasting service for the business-to-business sector and the government's disaster response system.

The mobile operator is hoping to participate in a national project to build the high speed LTE-based public safety network.

"We will propose the new service in our bidding for the national project," Park Song-chul, president, LG Uplus' network technology unit told reporters in Seoul.

"In terms of nationwide network coverage, we have room to accommodate more data traffic because we have fewer subscribers compared with other telecom firms. We are considering using our spare capacity to establish the public safety network, helping the government to cut expenses," he added.

The LTE live broadcasting connection can be provided to up to ten users simultaneously in the coverage provided by one network cell, LG Uplus said. This would allow many more people to be served during a catastrophe such as the tragic Sewol ferry disaster last year.

This week's announcement follows the commercial launch of the one-on-one LTE live broadcasting service for personal use in June 2014.