Popcornflix launches on Sony PlayStation

DetailsGabriel Miramar-Garcia | 25 February 2015

Signifying the continued ascendency of gaming platforms as an online video conduit, Popcornflix has launched its free video streaming app for the Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation3 in the US and Canada.

With the free Popcornflix app, PS4 and PS3 users get access to thousands of full-length movies and popular TV shows.

"The way people access entertainment has evolved rapidly over the past few years," said David Fannon, executive vice president at Popcornflix. "People want more choices and greater value, and Popcornflix is delivering with a free PS4 and PS3 app that allows viewers to search for and stream movies and TV shows. We're excited about the design of the app and ease of use, and we look forward to providing thousands of hours of totally free entertainment to PlayStation users."

An ad-supported platform, Popcornflix includes pre-roll, mid-roll and banner ads in all TV shows and movies.

The company also plans to roll out free streaming services for PS4 and PS3 systems in Latin America.