Germany’s national telco Deutsche Telekom won 65,000 new customers for its domestic IPTV platform Entertain in Q4 2014.

Entertain is contining to grow quicker than in previous quarters: In Q3 2014, Telekom recorded 59,000 new customers while Q4 2013 saw 56.000 additions. In total, Entertain had 2.44 million customers on December 31, 2014.

The number of broadband customers rose by 0.2% to 12.36 million.

Telekom recorded growing demand for its fibre-optic broadband products FTTH and VDSL: In Q4 2014, 323.000 customers signed up for a fibre-optic line – 143% more than in 2013. The total number of fibre-optic customers rose by 66% to more than 2.5 million within a year.