Liberty Global to roll out GameTree on-demand across Europe

DetailsEditor | 26 February 2015

TransGaming has inked announced a new milestone partnership to bring its on-demand TV games from GameTree TV to Liberty Global.

The company says that it is acting in response to consumer demands for the enablement of next generation interactive experiences on their televisions.

Through the partnership, Liberty Global will deliver GameTree TV content to its next generation Horizon set-top boxes in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Poland and Hungary, with further expansion planned as Horizon continues to be deployed globally across Liberty Global's network. The cable platform allows millions of users to access linear channels, video-on-demand programming, and remote DVR management across multiple devices.

This latest deal with Liberty Global complements TransGaming's other partnerships to date such as with leading smart TV and set-top box manufacturers. "The addition of Liberty Global is a pivotal next step towards expanding GameTree TV's services to a larger international audience," commented TransGaming.

COO & Interim CEO Dennis Ensin. "The extension of GameTree TV from smart TVs to Liberty Global's Horizon set-top boxes clearly demonstrates the industry momentum we are gaining."