Smartboxtv takes mobile solutions to Colombia

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 27 February 2015

Chilean company Smartboxtv which offers technological solutions for enriching TV content, is opening an office in Colombia to focus on one of the most dynamic markets in Latin America, from which the Central American and Caribbean areas are also accessible.

According to the company in a release published on Panorama Audiovisual, the dynamic TV market and high Internet penetration make Colombia an interesting country to develop some of the solutions which the company has already tried out in Chile, Brazil and Peru.

The Colombian office will be directed by Carlos Alberto Paba, who is to take on the role of sales director. "The Colombian market is known to be a great video content generator," explained Paba. "This trend, added to the high penetration of the Internet supported by the state and a very high number of mobile lines (49 million), makes Colombia a very important market for the kind of solution offered by Smartboxtv".

"We are aware the evolution of the TV market is moving towards mobile platforms and engagement with audience and devices," added Juan Pablo Buscaglione, Smartboxtv co-founder. "The opportunities for us will come by meeting the demands of the Colombian market ... and keeping focused on interacting with content provided by channels and operators".