MWC 2015: KT unveils new 5G comms technology

DetailsEditor | 01 March 2015

Even before 4G/LTE networks can be thought of as anything near mainstream or indeed readily available, Korea Telecoms has upped the telecoms bar with what it calls a new standard for global ICT with 5G technology.

Aiming to prepare for what it believes will be an 'explosive' growth of mobile content, KT will use the forthcoming MWC 2015 to showcase various next generation telecommunications technologies under the theme of 'Life Innovation by 5G'.

KT techAmong these will be Millimetre Wave, a core technology of 5G KT co-developed with Samsung Electronics the that uses a higher band frequency than existing LTE and KT plans. At 28 GHz, the Millimetre Wave displays a data transmission speed that is more than 100 times faster than the existing speed. This technology allows high-speed transmission of large data files making it possible to experience augmented reality out of pictures from Ultra HD video for example.

It will also demonstrate the 5G Ultra-Dense Network (UDN) solutions that KT has co-developed with Ericsson to establish small cell communications based on an optic infrastructure to accommodate more than 100 times more users than before. KT has committed to establishing 5G UDN in traffic-congested areas such as sports stadiums, athletes' accommodation facilities, and media centres, during the 2018 Pyongchang Winter Olympics.

KTKT, again together with Samsung Electronics, will also show how it has been able to upgrade carrier aggregation technology that will bind five existing LTE frequencies to demonstrate a 9band CA technology that can bind maximum nine frequencies and is referred to as LTE-B (Beyond) for the first time in the world. LTE-B, which binds nine 20MHz frequencies and utilises a bandwidth of 180MHz, makes it possible to realise download speeds of over 1Gbps and such is the core technology of 5G communications that require giga-level speed such as in broadcast use cases.