Autodesk claims strong end to 2014

DetailsEditor | 01 March 2015

Strength in core architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and manufacturing business have compensated for flat revenues and profits for Autodesk in entertainment during 2014.

Apart from in the aforementioned design and engineering realms, the company offers a number of animation and creative finishing solutions including design visualisation with products such as Maya, 3D Studio, 3DS Max, and the Autodesk entertainment creation suites. These provide tools for digital sculpting, modelling, animation, effects, rendering and compositing, for design visualisation, visual effects and games production.

In all the company's fiscal 2015 was the first year of its business model transition to more cloud and term-based subscription offerings and Autodesk expects that over the course of the next two years to transition the vast majority of its business to these subscription offerings.

Yet for the year ended 31 January 2015, revenue from creative finishing products declined by 17% due to what it called "a general decrease in media and entertainment industry end-market demand." In the same filing of results, the company said that animation products had declined 7% during the fiscal year.

Explaining the business line's trends in an analysts' call, Autodesk CEO Carl Bass said: "We always try to distinguish, media and entertainment they are two different parts of the business. There is the creative finishing. Creative finishing has been diminishing, some of it is just nature of the market and some of it has to do with the hardware component in there which we no longer sell. And then there's the other part which is the software part of the business. The software part of the business is good and healthy and we like all the dynamics in that part of the business. What we see in the other part less happy with it. That's been going on for the last half dozen years in the creative finishing part."