Portable, disposable screen for live sports events draws investors

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 02 March 2015

A low-cost, portable, disposable screen designed and produced by Spanish company Viuing is attracting the investors, as it allows audiences of live sporting events to receive data from the event in real time.

deviceviuingThe company says it will be ready to go to market in 2015, probably during the Moto GP race at Montmelo in June.

Barely a year old, Viuing has lately drawn a 700,000 investment through a venture capital fund led by risk capital investment group Inveready. Other start-up funders such as Bankinter have also entered the first round of investments promoted by accelerator firm Conector.

Viuing aims to become a leader in real-time broadcasting of large events in Spain, although it will also target the international market in the long term.

The company's star product is a small screen in a cardboard and plastic case which has a six hour battery and costs around 15. The screen will be introduced at large events such as Formula One and Moto GP races, where the audience is unable to see most of the race due to the huge dimensions of the venues.

Through future agreements with the events' official broadcasters, the screen would receive the regular TV signal in real time, without depending on streaming platforms or broadband connections.

Dorna, the owner of Moto GP's broadcasting rights, has been already negotiating with Viuing, pointing to a possible premiere of the screen during Catalonia's Grand Prix in June.

According to the company, other large events such as NASCAR, golf's PGA and two event companies from the UK and the United Arab Emirates have also shown interest in the technology.