Optus tests mobile video streaming, direct from base stations

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 02 March 2015

Optus plans to conduct a closed trial for mobile video streaming at its Sydney headquarters, via on-site base stations.

The trial will test the feasibility of distributing video and multimedia content to users directly from adjoining base stations as content sits in the base station rather than via the network core, in theory resulting in caching-like advantages in reducing congestion and optimising delivery.

"Our trial with Nokia Networks is designed to explore the next phase of content delivery for customers," said SingTel Group CTO Tay Soo Meng. "This process reduces latency and provides ultra-responsive delivery at the edge of the network."

The trial will be enabled via Liquid Applications, a solution developed by partner Nokia Networks. It enables users to watch a sports match, concert or major event from a variety of different angles on their device in real-time.

Testers will have access to the application on smartphones and tablet devices, to test how well the content is delivered to them and how responsive the interactive ability of the service is. The multimedia content will be delivered over the Optus 4G Plus network.