Mobile and tablet requests are now representing half of those to the BBC iPlayer.

When radio is included mobiles and tablets represent 48% of requests. This is the first time that the handheld devices have represented such a high percentage, following statistical issues with some 2014 data, which resulted in missing computer requests.

In all BBC iPlayer had the best month on record with 343 million requests with 264 million TV requests, also making it the best ever month for television.

January saw high TV request numbers, approaching 2 million per episode, both for Christmas and New Year special episodes including EastEnders, Top Gear and Miranda as well as first episodes for new winter series, including The Voice, Silent Witness, Wolf Hall and The Dumping Ground.

BBC iPlayer is used for TV at roughly the same time of day as linear TV viewing, although there is proportionally more daytime and late-peak use. For radio, BBC iPlayer is used far more in daytime than traditional radio listening, which peaks at breakfast-time