Boomerang flies into Spanish prime time

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 04 March 2015

Our Own, the new miniseries produced by Boomerang TV Group, has premiered on Mediaset's Telecinco during prime time, leading the slot and nearing four million viewers.

ourownThe ambitious army-based production scored a 20.7% share and saw 3.96 million viewers during its first night on air, while also leading in the commercial target with a solid 19.1%. Furthermore, on social networks the series headed the ranking of most watched shows on Monday, drawing 25% of the social TV-related share on Twitter during its telecast. And the official hashtag for the first episode, #LosNuestros1, was the No 1 national trending topic during the broadcast.

The cast of Our Own includes five professional soldiers in addition to well known actors portraying members of the Spanish military. Developed in collaboration with the Spanish Army, this three-part series combines adventure, romance and military strategy and is the first series to reveal the inner workings of Spain's Special Operations Forces.

During the series, a special unit will join an operation organised by the Green Berets, whose mission is to venture into Mali in order to find and save two fellow citizens, two Spanish children who are being held hostage.

Recreating the impressive desert landscape of Western Africa on the island of Fuerteventura, the series has also been shot on sets in Madrid, Toledo and Mali's capital Bamako.

After a successful premiere, Boomerang TV aims to score big with this production, following in the path of other dramas which have recently gained success both in Spain and internationally.