I'm using Diablo WiFi Twin HW2.6 on my 2012 model LG 55LM860V smart TV with CCCAM and problems/bugs just keep on rising !

1- Wifi connection drops very frequently, AP connection lost and not even trying to connect again.

I'm using mac filter on my router, no passwords of WPA2/WEP so that the Diablo processor doesn't need anything to deal with except decoding the broadcast which, simply it can't do it !?! (tried with WEP/WPA2 and it is worse..!)

Always losing connection with the AP (which is in 3m. distance) and it's not even trying to connect again, just sits & waits...

My AP is a very powerful machine and I can read -30/-40db signal strength on the Diablo !!! (There can't be a more powerful wifi signal!)
I even changed the AP to see if it makes any difference... but the result was the same.

2- When Diablo works by chance; it keeps freezing.

The delayer option doesn't seem to work... Tried all options (00-26)... but NO ! The broadcast keeps on freezing.
In some cases, the screen goes black & the TV says "scrambled channel" and suddenly it comes back... and goes like this. I'
m using cccam protocol and UW 2.30 (the same thing with the oldest versions). I made tests with many different servers, but the result was the same.

Maybe, Diablo WiFi Twin HW2.6 needs an urgent upgrade !
A new Underworld version, or a new boot system... I don't know.

But there are lot's of bugs... it gets locked/freeze on some channels (not talking about the broadcast) and you just can't reach the CI menu of Diablo.
The only way to access the menu is to reboot TV !

Keeps dropping from the access point, losing connection with the CCCAM server, freezing, pixellation on the broadcast etc..etc...
It's getting better with every underworld version but still needs some serious work...
and their webpage (www.duolabs.com) is gone !
but the fb page is here... https://www.facebook.com/duolabsitaly?ref=profile
write on the page, maybe they will wake up & work on this half-baked module

Thanks in advance.

PS: They have changed their webpage address to: http://www.duolabs.tv and new CIS 9.8.4 can be found in the downloads section