SPI to launch Brazilian pay-TV channels

DetailsGabriel Miramar-Garcia | 06 March 2015

SPI International is gearing up to launch nine FilmBox brand channels for Brazil's pay-TV market.

SPI has recently secured a formal approval from Ancine, the Brazilian regulatory body, to air FightBox, Fast&FunBox, DocuBox, FilmBox Arthouse, FashionBox, MadscreenBox, 360 TuneBox, and two adult entertainment channels, Erox and Eroxxx.

"The approval from Ancine is pivotal to the launch of our channels in Brazil," said Thivá Fróes de Souza, director at SPI Brazil. "We may now finalise our talks with several pay-TV networks which expressed interest in incorporating our channel portfolio into their linear TV offer," says

The FilmBox brand is already present in Brazil through SPI's worldwide app, FilmBox Live – a multiscreen video-on-demand service featuring movies, sports, fashion and documentaries, as well as a few live streaming TV channels.