RTVE inks content, co-production deal with Arirang TV

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 06 March 2015

Spanish public broadcaster RTVE has signed an agreement with South Korea's International Broadcasting Foundation, Arirang TV, to exchange content and co-produce programmes over the next two years.

rtvearirangThe agreement, which was signed in Madrid by RTVE's president José Antonio Sánchez and Arirang's CEO Bang Suk Ho, will focus on cultural, scientific, educational and sports content. Co-production areas were not defined under the current deal, but conditions were set for future collaborations.

The two networks have agreed to keep each other up-to-date with details of festivals, cultural events, and political and social facts which could be relevant for each other's audience. The agreement opens a window for exchanging technical staff and running training courses together too.

Arirang TV is a Seoul-based broadcasting company which owns English-language TV and radio international channels produced in South Korea. Its programming is delivered by several satellite and cable platforms around the world and includes dramas, entertainment shows, documentaries and cultural and educational programmes about South Korea and Asia.

Through the agreement, RTVE reinforces its international presence, one of the main goals of the corporation's new president. When he was appointed in November, Sánchez explained his main objectives were to maximise the organisation's international audience, relaunch external commercial activities and even commercialise some advertisement slots in order to increase income.