The kids aren't all right with trad TV: young millennials hasten to online

DetailsEditor | 06 March 2015

That younger demographics are spearheading the drive to digital and online TV is no surprise but just how much they are doing so may well be, according to DEFY's third Annual Acumen Report.

DEFYGiving particular attention to viewers aged 13-24, the survey found that for this key audience digital content was king, simply delivering more 'relatable' and entertaining programming than that offered by traditional broadcasters. Indeed such viewers were found to be spending almost twice as many hours watching online video content in particular that featuring YouTube personalities than they did regular TV services.

Analysing a trend with potentially huge ramifications, DEFY said: "We believe that the shift stems from youth's "digital native" upbringing and their specific lifestyle needs. This influential viewing audience has been able to download or stream whatever content they want whenever they want from the day they could work a keyboard. Digital is second-nature, highly relevant, and uniquely suited for their always-on lifestyle and we credit these factors for driving youth's increased consumption of online content ... [this is] more proof that the traditional media model is falling short with this audience."