Imagine, Microsoft preview cloud-based video encoder

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 07 March 2015

Imagine Communications and Microsoft have released a public preview of the Azure Media Services Premium Encoder, a cloud offering for on-demand workflows that supports multiscreen streaming.

azure media "The collaboration between Imagine Communications and Microsoft is about solving critical multiscreen delivery and monetisation challenges while also transitioning to a future network architecture that is defined by IP, software and the cloud," said Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications. "As a key technology partner in the development of this solution, we are helping global media companies and enterprises efficiently design and launch scalable, end-to-end media processing applications, workflows and services on demand using reliability and virtually unlimited capacity of Azure."

Cloud-based encoding, which provides media companies the ability to utilise transcoding only when required, is an advanced alternative to investing in premises-based encoding platforms that may sit idle for long periods of time. The Azure Media Services Premium Encoder enables media companies to rapidly and efficiently design and launch scalable, cloud-based media processing applications, workflows and services on-demand, while dramatically reducing their IT implementation and maintenance costs.

The platform includes a studio quality processing engine with automated decision-making logic and advanced metadata processing. It also supports additional input and output codecs and file formats such as 4K/Ultra HD in AVC and closed captioning, streamlining the ability to deliver across all classes of outputs from mobile to broadcast.

Accessible through a standards-based, programmable web interface with Media Services REST API, the Azure Media Services Premium Encoder can also be used as part of an end-to-end Azure Media Services workflow such as adding on-demand capacity to an existing on-premises datacentre. Included with the solution is a graphical workflow design tool that supports parallel tasks and in-line logic, allowing users to customise media processing by creating intelligent workflows that are streamlined for exact processing requirements.